Queer Pride Parade in Seoul

Second day in Korea, 2015. 

Queer Pride Parade in Seoul

queer parade korea   Buscar con Google 

(the first photo from Koreabridge.com / second photo from therainbowhub.com)

While I was having a walk around Jong-no 1 ga area, I saw that lots of polices were standing along every corners of streets.

Soon I discovered why. Queer Pride Parade was held near to the street of Myeong dong.

I was surprised on how much crowds there were. At the same time, It was absolutely interesting to look at participants’ behaviour toward Pride Parade. If I can make a note a difference between Korea Pride Parade and Pride Parade in Madrid, Spain, the biggest difference can be participants’ behavior. In Madrid, I see that participants enjoy dancing, talking, taking pictures with strangers. In Korea, It seems to me that the purpose is more on to raise voices on human rights. For example, there was another demonstration held in the same day against to the parade. I saw a woman who was standing before the pride parade with a written word on her paper “To save our generations”. Within a minute, polices drew her out from the street. Another example, I did not see a single same-sex couple who show their affections in public. I believe it may due to cultural attitude toward physical intimacy. Usually in Korea, a physical intimacy is not to show in public, rather couples prefer to keep it in private between two. thrid, the paper given to participants with an explanation of LGBT rights in Korea. Usually in Madrid, I received more papers about LGBT night clubs or spa rather than a detailed explanation of LGBT rights. 

I believe Korean’s mind to LGBT is more open than a decade ago, and I imagine the one day when LGBT groups will not be discriminated by their preferences and identity but enojy their full rights.


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