Kim Ung Yong: What the Korean prodigy found out?

(Kim Ung Yong is one of the three figures who has the highest IQ in the world. It was revelaed that he has higher IQ than Albert Einstein.)

Kim Ung Yong, Korean genius born in 1962, spoke 5 languages(Korean, Japanese, English, German, French) fluently at age 5. He started writing his diary at age 2. At age 3, he enrolled middle school. According to him, it took a month to acquire a language perfectly. Naturally he mastered languages through foreign journalists he met for interviews. At age 8, he was scouted to NASA.

However, while he spent his childhood with thoes who are much older than he was, he did not regard himself as a part of the society. It drew him to a deeper feeling of loneliness. In the end, he made a journey back to Korea.

When he came back, Korean society was not easy to him. He applied to the most priviledged university in Korea, but was denied. More univiersities denied him due to an absence of previous diplomas (Bachelor degree, High school..)

Currently, he resides in a country side of Korea and supports himself as a professor. In interview, he mentions, he does not think that the capability and genius he was born with mean everything. IQ210 is just a small part of his life. He thinks that he found out the value of life too late.


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